August Must-See Movies!

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!!by Carol Kinge!!

Times have changed, but nothing will ever beat taking in a movie for the first time while the temperature is high. And this summer, well, let’s just say there’s something for everyone. Here’s the ultimate AUGUST MUST-SEE MOVIES. Hold onto summer just a little bit longer…

10. The Battered Bastards of Baseball


Starring: Kurt Russell and His Dad

Baseball, Bonanza Bing and batboys… oh my! An inspirational story about independent spirit made independently. Plus, it’s set in Portland, which, I believe, is still cool to like.

The tagline is “The one team that had a pair.” I think that’s a reference to something! Maybe balls. Must see.

9. Terminator 2: Judgment Day


Starring: A robot

It’s rare that a sequel outshines its predecessor, but summer is just the time to test out that theory! And this one’s a doozy. It’s got action, a cyborg and a teenage son. So head to theaters and catch it while it’s hot!

8. Hairspray


Starring: John Travolta and a Wig

This movie is an inspiration, and we’ve all been waiting for a John Travolta comeback. This is it! We are big, blond and beautiful. Welcome to the 60s.

7. Orange is the New Black: Season 2


Starring: A bunch of girls; some are not white

Finally, a reason to leave our bed! I don’t want to give anything away, but let me just say this: the title is a reference to prison uniforms. This movie is about prison. It’s pretty long; it’s The Ring cycle of summer movies. Buuut must see.

6. The Ocean and Your Skin in the Sun


Starring: Sun, You, Cancer

I love a good double feature. This summer, you can’t help but watch the ocean, quickly followed by your skin in the sun. It glistens, it glows… it’s perched for a sequel.

5. Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway


Introducing: The Open Road!

This one took me a while to get into, honestly. Slow to start, but once you get into it, it’s a smooth ride with lots of layers. Must see.

4. Inside of a Starbucks 


Strong characters, moving soundtrack. It’s like a movie version of Seinfeld. MUST-SEE.

3. Bicycle 


See. Must. See.

2. Dirty Cars


This is a rip-off of Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway, but it’s GOOD. Only playing in select theaters. MUST SEE!!!!

1. Cheetos


The “other” orange food. Perfect from start to finish. MuuUSTSeEEEeeE!!!!!

Carol lives alone. This list was compiled from behind her computer.