8 Rumors About The Second City Training Center Expansion

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Things are always changing at The Second City. New students shuffle in for immersions and classes, performers move onward and UPward (LOL), and I find the chairs in the Training Center lobby arranged in a different configuration every time I go up there.

Recently, The Second City Training Center announced a huge change–an expansion of the Piper’s Alley complex at good ol’ North and Wells. With change comes speculation, and with speculation comes rumors. Here are 8 that I’ve heard about this newly claimed territory.

1. It’s gonna be another Chipotle and just like, 40 bathroom stalls.


Only since this one is technically IN Second City, we get creative license to call it like it is and name it ChiPOOPle.

2. There’s going to be one room with a shit-ton of ghosts in it.


I heard that this’ll be a classroom dedicated to Training Center teachers who are tired of coming up with scene suggestions on their own.

3. It’ll house an intern-run Bentwood chair factory.


If they’re really building two more student theatres, we’re gonna need more chairs for sitprov.

4. The Second City School of Beauty will inhabit the space.


I personally am looking forward to this, as I usually do my makeup in a cab on my way to a show (and you can tell). Hopefully, they’ll keep an iron in there, too, for everyone on HouseCo.

5. It’s literally going to be a “piper’s alley.” Like, very dark, with people playing pan flutes in the shadows…


…which should pair nicely with the ghost room.

6. They’re turning it into a Second City retail store.


Complete with plaid shirts, skinny belts and Official Kelly Leonard Replica Hoop Earrings™!

7. The “Temple of Satire” is about to be a real thing.


Brothers and sisters, can I get a “YES, AND”?!

8. It’ll be a perfect utopia where we can all plug our phones into working electrical outlets and everyone knows the wifi password.


This one is the most batshit.

The brand new 25,000 square feet of Second City Training Center space is expected to be completed and serving students by Spring of 2015. If you can’t wait that long, go here to sign up for a class.

Julie Marchiano is a Featured Contributor to the Second City Network, an understudy to The Second City Touring Company and an ensemble member of Go, Improv, Go! at UP Comedy Club. You can find out more about her at juliemarchiano.com.