31 Businesses The Second City Wants to Move In

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Now that Walgreens is staying put and Yelp is about to set up an office here, it seems that business in Chicago is booming— except, unfortunately, at the corner of North and Wells. 

Alas! Boston Market has vacated its longtime Old Town location, and Second City’s staff is left with a hole in its soul in the shape of a mini cornbread loaf. We asked our employees what businesses they’d like to see set up shop across from our headquarters, and here’s what they had to say:

Boston Chicken —Lily Sullivan, TourCo Understudy

A doctor who specializes in treating the stomach issues I acquired from living off of Boston Market’s chicken pot pies while I worked in the box office. Or a Five Guys. —Casey Pilkenton, BizCo

Another Potbelly’s —Tyler Alexander, VP of Digital Media

One of those Japanese “cat cafes” – combination of teahouse and cat sanctuaries. —Anne Libera, Director of Comedy Studies

A HOT DOG STORE!!!!!!!!!! —Julie Marchiano, TourCo Understudy/Hot Dog Fanatic

Freshii —Cedric Williams, Staff Accountant

OH!  If we are dreaming here…I would love to see the ModCloth world headquarters go there!  All the ladies will know what I am talking about! —Andrea Miller, Group Events and Catering Manager

A free career counseling center. —Lisa Linke, Facilitator/Performer 

Jason’s Deli —Lisa Barber, TourCo

A second location for The Actors Gymnasium. –Sandra Mazuera, Box Office Associate

A good cheap taqueria that’s open from 9am to 4am. I dream about that kind of thing. —Rob Gornik, Box Office Representative

Tie. Beercade or petting zoo. —Aaron Sjoholm, Training Center Operations Manager & Faculty

A beercade –Dujuan Pritchett, Head Stage Manager,Second City Training Center

One of those places with trampolines for floors. —Jeremy Dabbs Communications Manager, The Second City Training Center – Chicago

Panera Bread —Jenny Dey, Bartender 

Panera —Senada Lukovic, Staff Accountant 

Indian food restaurant. Or, another fitness place—so I can look at each street corner and feel guilty when I haven’t exercised or eaten healthy. —Dionna Griffin-Irons, Director of Outreach & Diversity

Either Protein Bar, Freshii, Roti or Noodles & Co. —Kiley Peters, Online Marketing Manager

A SOUP PLACE! —Meghan Teal, Stage Manager

I would love an independent coffee shop/juice bar —Sayjal Joshi, Actress/improviser/writer

Steak & Shake. You wouldn’t have to change the color scheme, and I can have a Frisco Melt without driving to the suburbs. —Chrissy Borne, Account Coordinator, Bizco

I’d love to see a Portillo’s take over the Boston Market spot! —John Kramer, Bartender

Native Foods!! Big & Little’s!! DAIRY QUEEN!! —Stephanie Case, Adult Program Manager/Producer of House Ensembles

Nordstrom Shoe Store —Kerry Sheehan, President, Second City Training Centers & Education Programs

A new restaurant concept called SOUTH Boston Market. Similar food, but with more attitude and casual racism. —Tim Ryder, Second City e.t.c.

Alison Riley’s House of Napping —Kelly Leonard, Executive Vice President